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Seattle Backpackers Magazine:

"GREENBODY is a great natural deodorant. I applied before hiking, biking, P90X workouts, and during days I had big important meetings. It smells great going on, and should keep you from offending hiking buddies and co-workers alike."   

No More Dirty Looks

“I’m going to keep this big announcement short and sweet: I’ve discovered my Holy Grail natural deodorant. For serious. I’m committing. #ThisShitWorksYouGuys” 

She's So Eco:

"BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ANY DEODORANT I’ve tried IN MY LIFE.” I’m not kidding."


“This is one of those under the radar brands that you probably don’t know about and is led by one seriously passionate woman who just wants to keep us fresh without the chemicals. I’ve been using the sporty version which is handcrafted using nourishing butters, oils and a hint of pine and wintergreen leaves. It blows everything out of the water.” 

Hello Dollface

“This one works all day long and doesn't quit!...This one gets five out of five stars and a high five!” 

Life in Blush:

“this one surprised me! It’s a cream formula and after my experience with osmia I thought creams weren’t for me, but both options exceeded my expectations. Each one kept me feeling clean and fresh and left a very delicate trace of the formula’s main aroma. My favourite was ‘clarity scent’ as I loved the hint of jasmine that followed me around. Plus the price makes it quite the steal!” 

Vegan Beauty Review

"It’s all-natural, it smells refreshing, it’s convenient, and it works!" 

Vegan Weddings HQ

“...it seemed to hold up a bit longer than some other natural deodorants and didn’t stain my clothes!” 


“I tested out Greenbody deodorant—at the gym no less—and it held up well!” 

Peace on the Skin & Peace Within

“It works! Greenbody deodorant made it to my “Yes! No stinky pits” list. (Do we all have lists like this or is it just me?) I've been using the Athletic formula with Wintergreen & Pine scent. After dipping my finger in cream for so long, it’s nice to find a stick that works and doesn't crumble or melt upon use. This will be a repeat purchase for me for sure.” 


"...loved, loved wearing it.  It worked really well for me and I enjoyed the fact that it comes in a stick and feels so smooth and emollient."

Seed to Serum:

"a natural deodorant in stick form that WORKS!...I think this is probably one of the most gentle natural deodorants that I've used."

Well Beauty Blog:

"...easy to apply and works all day!  GREENBODY really nailed it with their formula for being a solid that turns into a soft cream with application."

plein vanity:

"GREENBODY is all you could ever ask for.  The cream formula instantly melts into the skin like a smooth, body oil but it lingers for effective protection like a good deodorant should.  It keeps me dry and fresh all day without feeling heavy or thick."

Sparkles & Spinach:

"This lasted all day for me...the most AMAZING natural deodorant I've ever tried!" 


“The Tea Tree & Rosemary deodorant by Greenbody is beautifully scented and surprisingly effective.” 

Reveling in Raw

“The deodorant has a pleasant, mild scent, goes on smoothly, and keeps all odors at bay. I've tried tons of natural deodorants since quitting the Teen Spirits and Secrets of my youth, and this is one of the best I've used. The company's philosophy is impressive, too.” 


“Not only did it work well without the baking soda, I even managed to give it quite the run of two days in a row of not showering. It still worked! That’s a claim I couldn't make of the others I tried.”